Thursday, July 22, 2010

How the HCG Diet Works

If there can be any easy way to lose weight then the real solution is one of reducing intake of calories either by eating less or by burning away what is deposited as flab. If you can do both, then it is an ideal option. It is dependent on how strong willed you are and how serious you are about achieving this feat. Yes, it is truly a feat. At least it is to those who have always done their best to shed weight and found only disappointment. When you have suffered due to overweight you start counting every inch that gets added to your bodyweight and wonder what on earth can help reduce it.

The HCG weight loss diet is well known for its own merits. Factors such as safe-to-use, non-starvation, no-side effects are reasons why most internists and medical practitioners do recommend the HCG diet. For the weak-willed dieters there are numerous HCG recipes available online which you can use. This will kill the monotony of the HCG diet. When HCG was first introduced, I thought it was going to be yet another flash in the pan and that it was not going to give anything fruitful other than being a mere marketing trick. I tried it myself to see if this was true. I had tried a few others and they seemed to work initially but never gave long-term results.

My experience has proved that it works and the reason is practical. It burns the existent fat in the body and by limited intake of calories, I am able to avoid adding the unwanted pounds. In a month's plan, I have been successful in crashing 30 lbs and this realization was one of the most special moments in life. This is why I feel it is a feat. For someone who has had tough times dealing with obesity, it is a truly great experience to attain weight loss to the desired degree or more. It boosted my confidence and felt like I was living a healthy life!

What generally happens is that once the weight loss feat is achieved the diet which led to weight loss is discarded. This will only pull you back to square one. You must continue to keep check on the diet and keep a healthy lifestyle to keep the unwanted pounds away. Being on the HCG weight loss diet for some time, thereby losing weight and then subsequently getting back to overeating and laziness is of no good. You know for sure that it is not easy to lose weight once you keep adding it on. So it would be wise to adopt the HCG diet and stick to it plus a healthy lifestyle, to remain in good shape.