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HCG Diet Encourages Role Models

US Premium HCG urges parents to reconsider exactly what example is being set in the home after recent studies indicate that the current generation of children is expected to be the first to have a shorter life span than their parents (Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences, Cooperative Extension Nutrition, Diet and Healthy Survey). These projections were made in direct correlation to average weight projections. The obesity epidemic continues to thrive in America and throughout industrialized nations of the world; particularly amongst children. HCG Diet Direct encourages parents to lose weight, eat right, and become a good, fit example for their children.

Current trends make it very clear that the incidences of childhood and adolescent obesity continue to increase. Jenny Boynton responds, "We believe that discussing the problem is the first step. It brings awareness to the fact that this is a nationwide problem and it is definitely time to take action. If parents see a problem in their children they should first consider their example. Do they have a weight issue? If so, are they teaching their children to adopt the same unhealthy habits? If so, as a family, discuss your options with a professional."

Experts suggest that simply sitting down to regular meal times as a family can decrease the risk of unhealthy weight in children and adolescents. Another general word of advice offered for families aware of the issue is to incorporate raw foods into their diet. Families can also benefit as a whole from decreasing portion sizes and learning to replace high calorie foods (and desserts) with low calorie substitutes. For example, instead of habitually serving your chicken over rice you can serve the chicken as a stand-alone entrée with a whole wheat roll and steamed vegetables or if your family is big on meat and potatoes opt for smaller cuts of lean meats and sweet potatoes.

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HCG- Effective Method In Losing Weight

Are you looking for an effective method when it comes to losing weight? Then this article is the right one for you.

Before understanding HCG as an effective method when it comes to losing weight, you need to know and understand the correct definition of HCG and how this works for you in order for you to know as well as discover HCG as an effective method in losing excessive weight. What is HCG? This is also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a kind of hormone that naturally occurs in woman’s body that helps in the growth and development of embryo in mother’s womb.

These are some of the important functions of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in human’s body:

· This kind of hormone is essential when it comes to the ovulation among women because it triggers the egg when a woman ovulates.

· This kind of hormone is also important when it comes to promoting ovulation among women.

· HCG is also considered very beneficial because it helps to fight different infertility problems as well as help to increase sperm count among men.

· HCG is not only beneficial among adult but it is also advantageous among young boys most particularly, the boys that have testicle problems.

· HCG can also helps in decreasing the possibility off different serious diseases such as coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease.

· This kind of hormone also helps in increasing your body’s metabolism in order for you to burn the unwanted fats in your body. HCG is proven to be one of the most effective as well as best method when comes to burning excessive fats in the body in order to achieve the body you want in no time.

Does HCG weight loss really work? Many claimed that this is one off the most effective way when it comes to losing weight in fact, many doctors as well as medical professional suggest and recommend this kind of treatment when it comes to losing weight however, there are also some doctors who do not agree on HCG weight loss as a method when it comes to losing weight. If you decide and prefer to use this method in losing weight, it is better for you to ask consult and ask your doctors what are the advantages as well as the disadvantages of HCG weight loss before using this method in losing weight.

These are some of the advantages of HCG weight loss:

  • According to Dr. Daniel Belluscio, this is one of the safest as well as the most effective methods in losing weight. This doctor also added that the side effects are very rare hence, this is safe to use.
  • The result is fast compared to other methods when it comes to losing weight. You can actually see the result in less than a week, you can lose weight 1 to 3 pounds in each day.

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The HCG Diet Food Guide

The HCG Diet is based on the use of HCG combined with a very low calorie diet to change your metabolism to burn the extra fat and lose the extra pounds. Only certain foods are allowed during the diet. The diet consists of a loading phase (Phase 1), a very low calorie diet (Phase 2), and a maintenance diet (Phase 3). The following are the food guidelines and restrictions for doing the HCG True Diet.

Phase I

For the first three days, you are loading up on HCG. You may eat what you want during these three days, but eating a well balanced diet in moderation is recommended.

Phase 2

After the third day of HCG, you are allowed to eat only 500 calories a day, split between two meals a day of lunch and dinner. Breakfast is just a liquid beverage with minimal to no calories.


Any non-caloric fluids in any amount. This could be coffee without sugar (nonsugar sweeteners are okay) and a tablespoon of milk.

Lunch and Dinner

You are allowed these two meals only per day. Each should total around 250 calories each. Each consists of 3.5 oz (or 100 gm) of some type of protein food (see below), enough vegetables and fruit to total 250 calories each. You should record the foods you eat in a food journal and see how easy it is to keep track of your diet. The number of calories in a serving of these foods is listed below. Select from the following foods:

Protein Foods: 3.5 oz. (100 gm) per meal

All visible fat must be removed before cooking, and the portions should be weighed raw. An approximation of the size of a portion is the amount of the foot that would resemble the size of a makeup compact. It must be cooked without additional fat. Avoid eating the same protein foods for both lunch and dinner.

  • Veal or ultra lean steak (free-range only). NO Ground beef no matter how lean.
  • Fresh white fish (halibut, swordfish, bass, flounder, pike, tilapia, john dory, snapper, crab meat, lobster, shrimp, scallops. NO salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried, pickled or smoked fish.
  • Chicken (chicken breast only, no skin)
  • Boiled egg and 3 boiled egg whites (Adapted for vegetarians)

Fresh Vegetables: at least 3.5 oz (100 gm) per meal

Do not mix vegetables. One choice only per serving.

  • Spinach, green salad, tomato, celery, fennel, onion, red radish, cucumber, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, chard, chicory.
  • NO starch or sugar heavy veggies, such as pumpkin, beetroot, potato, carrots, peas, or corn.

Fruit: 2 per day, at least 6 hours apart

  • Apple, strawberries (6 lg/10 small), orange, ½ grapefruit.
  • NO substitutes.


  • One grissini, or
  • One melba toast

Your daily caloric intake total per day should be 500. If your choices from the above list total is less than 500 calories, and it will, eat an additional portion of a vegetable and protein.

Fluids: Minimum 2 liters (11 glasses, 8 oz each) of water daily

  • Plain Water
  • Tea/coffee without sugar (any quantity)
  • Soda water, mineral water
  • 2 diet soft drinks (up to 2-12 oz. cans)
  • Crystal Lite
  • Only 1 tablespoon fat-free half and half or milk daily.


  • No margarine, butter, oil, or dressing.
  • Check labels for content of sugar, fructose, sucrose, corn syrup, etc. Anything with these is NOT allowed. You may use artificial sweeteners sparingly and only for Phase 1 and 2. NO SUGAR!
  • Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, and other spices are freely available as seasonings.
  • Juice of 1 lemon daily

Calorie Content of the HCG Diet Foods

There are many websites that give you calorie amounts of the foods you eat. A good website to determine calories in food is The Calorie Counter website ( If you can’t find the calories on the web, check the package for calculations whenever possible. Always remember to record what you eat in a food journal every day. Here are some examples of foods that you can eat on the HCG diet and their respective calorie amounts:


  • White Fish - (3.5 oz) avg 98 cal
  • Cod (3.5 oz) - 83 cal
  • Crab meat (3.5 oz) - 100 cal
  • Flounder (3.5 oz) - 90 cal
  • Haddock (3.5 oz) - 88 cal
  • Halibut (3.5 oz) - 110 cal
  • Lobster (3.5 oz) - 98 cal
  • Red snapper (3.5 oz) - 110 cal
  • Shrimp (3.5 oz) - 110 cal
  • Tilapia (3.5 oz) - 94 cal


  • Very lean beef (3.5 oz) (avg 152 cal)
  • Eye of round (3.5 oz) - 160 cal
  • Top sirloin steak (3.5 oz) - 130 cal
  • Top round steak (3.5 oz) - 166 cal
  • Bottom round steak (3.5 oz) - 154 cal


  • Chicken breast, no skin (3.5 oz) - 87 cal


  • Veal (3.5 oz) (avg 114 cal)
  • Veal, sirloin (3.5 oz) - 110 cal
  • Veal, loin chop (3.5 oz) - 117 cal


  • Asparagus (3.5 oz) - 20 cal
  • Asparagus (2″ tip) - 1 cal
  • Asparagus (small spear) - 2 cal
  • Asparagus (medium spear) - 3 cal
  • Asparagus (large spear) - 4 cal
  • Broccoli (3.5 oz) - 34 cal
  • Broccoli (1 cup - 88g) - 30 cal
  • Broccoli (5″ spear - 31 g) - 11 cal
  • Celery (3.5 oz) - 15 cal
  • Celery (medium stalk) - 6 cal
  • Cabbage (3.5 oz) - 24 cal
  • Cabbage (1 cup shredded) - 17 cal
  • Cauliflower (3.5 oz) - 22 cal
  • Cauliflower (1 cup) - 28 cal
  • Cauliflower (3 flowerets) - 12 cal)
  • Cucumber (3.5 oz) - 12 cal
  • Cucumber (small) - 19 cal
  • Cucumber (medium) - 24 cal
  • Cucumber (large) - 34 cal each
  • Cucumber (English long) - 60 cal
  • Lettuce, all varieties (3.5 oz) - 20 cal
  • Lettuce, all varieties (1 cup) - 8 cal
  • Lettuce, all varieties (small head) - 32 cal
  • Red radishes (3.5 oz) - 12 cal
  • Red radishes (one medium) - 1 cal
  • Salad (3.5 oz) - 15 cal
  • Spinach, raw (3.5 oz) - 20 cal
  • Spinach, raw (1 cup) - 7 cal
  • Spinach, frozen (3.5 oz) - 23 cal
  • Spinach, frozen (1 cup) - 41 cal
  • Spinach, cooked (3.5 oz) - 31 cal
  • Spinach, cooked (1 cup) - 48 cal
  • Tomato (3.5 oz) - 20 cal
  • Tomato (cherry) - 3 cal
  • Tomato (plumb) - 11 cal
  • Tomato (small) - 16 cal
  • Tomato (medium) - 22 cal
  • Tomato (large) - 33 cal


  • Apple (small) - 55 cal
  • Apple (medium) - 72 cal
  • Apple (large) - 110 cal
  • Orange (navel) - 69 cal
  • Orange (Florida) - 65 cal
  • Orange (California) - 59 cal
  • 12 large strawberries - 72 cal
  • 20 medium strawberries - 80 cal
  • Pink Grapefruit (California) - 92 cal
  • Pink Grapefruit (Florida) - 74 cal

  • One breadstick (grissini) - 15 cal
  • One Melba toast - 12 cal

Phase 3: Maintenance

After you have used HCG with a very low calorie diet for 40 days, you must discontinue the HCG. You may first notice that your stomach has shrunk and that you continue to want to do the low calorie diet for a few more days to weeks.

For the first few weeks after stopping HCG, all foods are allowed except starches and sugars, always controlled by morning weighing. In other words, if you start eating too much food you will see it on the scales. If this happens, cut back immediately to your body’s daily resting needs, otherwise called your BMR (basal metabolic rate).

For the second three weeks, gradually add starches and sugars in small quantities to your diet. Once again, you should control the amounts by daily morning weighing and correction of the excesses immediately. Don’t let yourself go and give up on all the hard work you have done to get to weight loss success. Keep motivated.

At the end of the 6 weeks after stopping HCG, you may do another round of HCG if you want to continue to lose more weight. HCG should only be used for 40 days because your body develops an immunity to it and its effectiveness is minimal after 40 continuous days. However, after a maintenance “resting” phase of six weeks, this immunity has gone and you may do the HCG effectively again for another 40 days. This cycle may be continued as many times as needed to help you lose the weight you desire.

Phase 4: Lifetime Eating, Exercising and Staying Healthy\

After you have lost all the weight you desire, gradually introduce more foods into your diet.

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Need ideas on what to eat on the HCG Diet?
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More HCG Weight Loss Information

There are a number of diets and programs available to help you lose weight. One of them includes HCG weight loss program. It is based on the use of a synthetic hormone which helps in bringing about change in body mass. It is injected in the body which works by affecting metabolism. The hormone functions by continuously releasing fats stored in the body for use during the process. Excess calories stored in the body in this way are burnt up and the body loses weight in the process.

The hormone which is the basis of the HCG weight loss program is safe for use for both men and women. If you have decided to use this method to help you lose weight then it is recommended that you first seek medical advice. This helps determine if there are medical or other conditions that might interfere with the hormone to bring success in weight loss. It is important to include nutritious diet in your weight loss plan. Eat healthy carbohydrates in when using HCG weight loss plan. A good idea is to enjoy small portions through out the day. It helps keep your energy up and reduces your intake of calories.

Fresh, natural vegetables and fruits are an important part of a weight loss plan. These are useful as they contain useful nutrients which cleanse and detoxify the body. They are a good source of fiber which helps in adding bulk to your diet. This helps in digestion and bowel movement. This process is important in removing wastes and toxins from the body when losing weight.

Along side using HCG weight loss diet it is advisable to take clean and fresh water regularly. Do this through out the day. It helps you feel fuller thus reducing your appetite for food. Water is an excellent detoxifier and body cleanser. It plays an important part during digestion and distribution of nutrients.

Proteins help in building muscles which are useful in burning excess calories naturally. Some of the foods you can take from this group include fish, chicken, eggs and plant proteins in your weight loss menu. They are useful in keeping your stomach feel fuller for longer. In this way your appetite is suppressed and you eat less frequently. For you to benefit from HCG weight loss plan it is advisable to change habits that bring about and contribute to weight gain. Some advisable practices include serving small portions during meal times. Avoid junk and unhealthy snacks. Stop overeating or using food as a source of comfort. In this way you feed your body with fewer calories. It also helps in efficient digestion where excess calories are removed as wastes.

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Healthy Nutrition To Use With A HCG Diet Program

There are a few things you can consider while going on a HCG diet program. It includes thinking carefully about your diet and nutritional requirements. This is an important part of any weight loss program. You get to provide your body with the right compounds that keeps it well nourished. This is a vital part in keeping and maintaining the new weight achieved as a result of being on the diet.

HCG diet program is based on synthetic hormones which are taken through injection. It is naturally produced by pregnant women. It is safe for use as a weight loss plan by both women and women. However if you have a medical or physical condition then it's recommended to use it under close supervision by a doctor. This helps in assessing the suitability of the plan to your state of health.

Some of the foods you can use include natural and fresh vegetables. These foods contain natural vitamins and minerals that are useful in bringing about reduction in body mass. They are good cleansers and detoxifiers too. Eat lots of them as snacks and servings while on HCG diet program. Fruits are also useful and contain vital nutrients that help the body lose weight.

Natural fresh fruits and vegetables are valuable in weight loss nutrition as they contain few calories. A good idea is to eat as much as you can from this food group. Use them whenever you feel hungry. They are the best food types you can use as snacks. They also contain fiber which helps in digestion. The bulk in the diet helps in bowel movement which is important in removing wastes and toxins from the body.

Include proteins alongside HCG diet program. They provide you with nutrients that help build more muscles. Make sure you have both animal and plant proteins in your diet. Some of the foods from this group include fish, eggs, chicken, beans and other legumes.

This is important as they burn excess fats and calories. It is advisable that you lose fat and not muscles when cutting weight. In this way you body's metabolism is increased as a result of burning more calories. You lose weight as a result.

Carbohydrates make an important part of lose weight diet plan. Make sure that you get enough servings of this food group in your meals. Good sources of carbohydrates include brown rice, foods made from unprocessed wheat and maize flour, yams, cassava or sweet potatoes. They provide sufficient supply of energy to the body which is important in sustaining metabolism. Use them too while on HCG diet program.

It is advisable to review your eating habits when on a weight loss program. Change from poor eating habits and lifestyle choices that lead to weight gain. Serve small portions and take at least five meals during the day. Getting involved in a fitness program can help you maintain and keep the new weight while using a HCG diet program.

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Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast With The HCG

Nutritionists and doctors' advice against taking measures that can help you lose weight fast. The reasons are based on health effects and your overall well being. If you are overweight or obese then you can look at programs that can help you shed weight more naturally. One such plan is following and making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating wholesome foods and regular physical activity.

However if you decide on going on a lose weight fast program then you can take the time to make sure that you do it safely. There are potential side effects involved with this kind of plan. By taking extra caution you minimize chances of suffering adverse effects or developing medical condition.

If you want to lose weight fast then you can decide to follow a diet or plan that will help you achieve your goal. There are many types available which might include use of diet or weight loss pills. You can check out to find out what you can use. It is good to know that these substances can give you good results if used properly. However their effect doesn't last long and you are sure to put on the weight once you stop using them.

Make sure you carry out a thorough research on weight loss or diet pills you want to in your plan. The reason is that the market is awash with all manner of illegal and harmful substances. Asking your doctor or nutritionist about what you can use is a good idea. The fact that they understand your condition helps them prescribe or suggest something that might be of use to you.

If you decide on buying over the counter weight loss or diet pills then make sure you have a good idea of what you are buying. Exercising good practices with such substances can help you lose weight fast. Some of the things to do include following manufacturers guidelines in regard to recommended dosage. Do not take less or more than what is stipulated. This can harm you or make the pills infective in their function.

Another thing to follow when you want to lose weight fast is to take the pills at the recommended times. You might be required to take them on an empty stomach a few hours before meals or after meals. These are some of the details to look out for and follow religiously. Another idea is to seek medical help in case you experience any form of side effect that becomes serious.

It is also advisable that you follow a healthy diet even when you want to lose weight fast. Take at least five small portions of a balanced diet. Drink plenty of water and fluids. This allows your body to have sufficient energy which is necessary in burning excess calories.

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The Original hCG Diet by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons


Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Only one tablespoonful of milk allowed in 24 hours. Saccharin or Stevia may be used.


1. 100 grams of veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking, and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat. Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed. The chicken breast must be removed from the bird.

2. One type of vegetable only to be chosen from the following: spinach, chard, chicory, beet-greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage.

3. One breadstick (grissino) or one Melba toast.

4. An apple, orange, or a handful of strawberries or one-half grapefruit.

Dinner :

The same four choices as lunch (above.)

Drinks and Seasonings

The juice of one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes.

Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, majoram, etc., may be used for seasoning, but no oil, butter or dressing.

Tea, coffee, plain water, or mineral water (2 liters of water per day is recommended) are the only drinks allowed, but they may be taken in any quantity and at all times.

The fruit or the breadstick may be eaten between meals instead of with lunch or dinner, but not more than than four items listed for lunch and dinner may be eaten at one meal.

No medicines or cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder may he used without special permission.

Portions and specially prepared unsweetened, low calorie foods

"In many countries specially prepared unsweetened and low Calorie foods are freely available, and some of these can be tentatively used... the total daily intake must not exceed 500 Calories if the best possible results are to be obtained, that the daily ration should contain 200 grams of fat-free protein and a very small amount of starch." From Dr Simeon's "Pounds and Inches." The manuscript can be found here.

Another Satisfied Customer!

According to Thomas Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control, The average American is about 23 pounds overweight. Obesity is causing disabilities and exacerbating health disparities Some of the chronic diseases directly linked to obesity include cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, cancers, and hypertension.

To overcome the obesity epidemic, the CDC has banded together with the American Heart Association and other health organizations to form the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Obesity Alliance, which has offered recommendations for the current health care reform bill. The Alliance highlights research which shows that a slow, progressive weight loss of between 5% and 10% over the course of year is the healthiest way to achieve lasting results.

Dr. Simeon introduced the HCG diet program more than 50 years ago. Since then, celebrities and other wealthy individuals who could afford it turned to the HCG diet program and its series of HCG injections. The results of the HCG diet program caused it to grow in popularity; however the price remained out of reach for many who struggle with obesity. Now, HCG Diet Direct offers HCG drop at their online store, making the HCG diet program affordable for average consumers.

US Premium HCG was created to provide greater access to the HCG diet program. As with any treatment, it is important to talk with a doctor first and to read about the treatment in medical journals like the one put out by the American Medical Association. To learn more about the HCG diet visit today.