Thursday, October 22, 2009

HCG Diet Encourages Role Models

US Premium HCG urges parents to reconsider exactly what example is being set in the home after recent studies indicate that the current generation of children is expected to be the first to have a shorter life span than their parents (Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences, Cooperative Extension Nutrition, Diet and Healthy Survey). These projections were made in direct correlation to average weight projections. The obesity epidemic continues to thrive in America and throughout industrialized nations of the world; particularly amongst children. HCG Diet Direct encourages parents to lose weight, eat right, and become a good, fit example for their children.

Current trends make it very clear that the incidences of childhood and adolescent obesity continue to increase. Jenny Boynton responds, "We believe that discussing the problem is the first step. It brings awareness to the fact that this is a nationwide problem and it is definitely time to take action. If parents see a problem in their children they should first consider their example. Do they have a weight issue? If so, are they teaching their children to adopt the same unhealthy habits? If so, as a family, discuss your options with a professional."

Experts suggest that simply sitting down to regular meal times as a family can decrease the risk of unhealthy weight in children and adolescents. Another general word of advice offered for families aware of the issue is to incorporate raw foods into their diet. Families can also benefit as a whole from decreasing portion sizes and learning to replace high calorie foods (and desserts) with low calorie substitutes. For example, instead of habitually serving your chicken over rice you can serve the chicken as a stand-alone entrée with a whole wheat roll and steamed vegetables or if your family is big on meat and potatoes opt for smaller cuts of lean meats and sweet potatoes.


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