Monday, October 12, 2009

More HCG Weight Loss Information

There are a number of diets and programs available to help you lose weight. One of them includes HCG weight loss program. It is based on the use of a synthetic hormone which helps in bringing about change in body mass. It is injected in the body which works by affecting metabolism. The hormone functions by continuously releasing fats stored in the body for use during the process. Excess calories stored in the body in this way are burnt up and the body loses weight in the process.

The hormone which is the basis of the HCG weight loss program is safe for use for both men and women. If you have decided to use this method to help you lose weight then it is recommended that you first seek medical advice. This helps determine if there are medical or other conditions that might interfere with the hormone to bring success in weight loss. It is important to include nutritious diet in your weight loss plan. Eat healthy carbohydrates in when using HCG weight loss plan. A good idea is to enjoy small portions through out the day. It helps keep your energy up and reduces your intake of calories.

Fresh, natural vegetables and fruits are an important part of a weight loss plan. These are useful as they contain useful nutrients which cleanse and detoxify the body. They are a good source of fiber which helps in adding bulk to your diet. This helps in digestion and bowel movement. This process is important in removing wastes and toxins from the body when losing weight.

Along side using HCG weight loss diet it is advisable to take clean and fresh water regularly. Do this through out the day. It helps you feel fuller thus reducing your appetite for food. Water is an excellent detoxifier and body cleanser. It plays an important part during digestion and distribution of nutrients.

Proteins help in building muscles which are useful in burning excess calories naturally. Some of the foods you can take from this group include fish, chicken, eggs and plant proteins in your weight loss menu. They are useful in keeping your stomach feel fuller for longer. In this way your appetite is suppressed and you eat less frequently. For you to benefit from HCG weight loss plan it is advisable to change habits that bring about and contribute to weight gain. Some advisable practices include serving small portions during meal times. Avoid junk and unhealthy snacks. Stop overeating or using food as a source of comfort. In this way you feed your body with fewer calories. It also helps in efficient digestion where excess calories are removed as wastes.


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